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Broadway Musical Theatre

From kindergarten to grade 12, the students in our musical theatre classes are creating new friendships, building self-confidence, and developing communication skills in a cooperative and collaborative environment.  In a musical theatre class, students are focussed on the collective success of their production and all students are responsible for contributing to that success.


Dance Program

The benefits of dance encompass all areas of health, including physical, mental, and emotional.  Dance classes are fun, spirited, and inspiring - with acro, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and tap, there is a discipline for everyone to find their place.


Lindbjerg Choirs

Show choir differs from traditional choir because of the choreographed dance routines. Our show choirs travel to Disneyland every other spring break to perform and training with Disney professionals.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for individual and unique learning experiences with one-on-one attention to improve technique and/or to work on choreography for competitive performance opportunities.

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