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musical theatre

Student of the Month

Each month, the Lindbjerg team chooses two students (junior and senior) who have shown a strong work ethic and continue to be a shining example of our Lindbjerg values.

Both recipients will be awarded a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice as well as a $50 scholarship towards their registration next year, either here at the studio or if they're a graduating student to the post-secondary school of their choice.

April 2024
Havana T
Sienna S
March 2024
James B
Scarlett S
February 2024
Veronika H
Lorin P
January 2024
Lena L
Aunjali P
December 2023
Sophie M
Vada C
November 2023
Sam A
Kara D
October 2023
Liv W
Kaylen L
September 2023
Everly C
Lucas S
April 2023
Hope J
Sophie S
March 2023
Charlotte M
Lochlan O
February 2023
Allison W
Elyse M
January 2023
Adelle C
Liz C
December 2022
Georgia O
Bronte G
November 2022
Laura S
Lulu H
October 2022
Charlie L
Owen CB S
September 2022
Brisa C
Asher L
April 2022
Siggi K
Elisabeth P
March 2022
Cassidy L
Megan L
February 2022
Andrew L
Deya K
January 2022
Abby B
Sophia B
December 2021
Audrey S
Michelle K
November 2021
Addyson H
Kyra M
October 2021
Seren W
Oliver B
September 2021
Katerina L
Martin H
April 2021
Timothy L
Ava G
March 2021
Hazel K
Alexandra A
February 2021
Holland K
Jordin Y
January 2021
Elliette L
Carina C
December 2020
Holly N
Renee Y
November 2020
Sarah L
Sophia P
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